Project Management

Backed by its experienced project teams worldwide, the JENKAR Organization is one of the few internally operating transport and logistics/providers that offer sophisticated logistics monitoring and management systems up to the final destination.

Quality services have always been a top priority at JENKAR. The achievement of ISO 9002 accreditation is testament to our continuous commitment in guaranteeing optimum quality and showcases JENKAR as a model for quality assurance in production, installation and servicing. The ISO 9002 Quality certificate has also been awarded to all its companies and core business sectors around the globe.

Why choose an ISO 9002 Registered partner?

  • Well-defined customer working instruction
  • Continuous monitoring of service performance
  • Systematic analysis of service discrepancies and corrective actions
  • Assurance of dealing with first class service providers
  • Top quality management system
  • Ongoing audits of service processes